Monday, 12 September 2011

Coin Flips

I bought these at Amcorp last Sunday. I was hoping they will sell the one size but these are mixed sizes, 4 sizes. I wanted the 10 cents coins size because it will fits the 10 cent, 5 cent and 1 cent. Too bad, the seller told me that the machine making these coins flips is broken and will only be fixed sometime around next week maybe. I'm not so sure whether to believe it or not, but I don't have any other choice, do I?

Coin flips @ rm12/box (50 flips - '4' sizes)

Oh one more thing, the boxes contained 4 sizes unlike the previous one I bought was for 5 sizes. When I opened the boxes, it is indeed 4 sizes - rm1, 50 cent, 20 cent and 10 cent sizes, but! the 10 cent flip is only one piece!! My goodness, might as well put it only three sizes! They only put the 10 cent flip in front of the box (obviously to trick people into thinking they will be a lot of them) to count it as 4 sizes per box, cheh!

Still, I got these 50 pieces per box for rm12 is quite cheap already, other seller sell it rm16-rm18 per box, uh huh.. This hobby is expensive ;p

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