Monday, 12 September 2011

Coin Flips

I bought these at Amcorp last Sunday. I was hoping they will sell the one size but these are mixed sizes, 4 sizes. I wanted the 10 cents coins size because it will fits the 10 cent, 5 cent and 1 cent. Too bad, the seller told me that the machine making these coins flips is broken and will only be fixed sometime around next week maybe. I'm not so sure whether to believe it or not, but I don't have any other choice, do I?

Coin flips @ rm12/box (50 flips - '4' sizes)

Oh one more thing, the boxes contained 4 sizes unlike the previous one I bought was for 5 sizes. When I opened the boxes, it is indeed 4 sizes - rm1, 50 cent, 20 cent and 10 cent sizes, but! the 10 cent flip is only one piece!! My goodness, might as well put it only three sizes! They only put the 10 cent flip in front of the box (obviously to trick people into thinking they will be a lot of them) to count it as 4 sizes per box, cheh!

Still, I got these 50 pieces per box for rm12 is quite cheap already, other seller sell it rm16-rm18 per box, uh huh.. This hobby is expensive ;p

Monday, 5 September 2011

Third Coin Series

I've got my new coin series booklet! I bought this together with my first coin & banknote album/flips during my recent trip to KL, when Raya was just around the corner, on weekend before Raya week.

Flea market, Amcorp @ rm14

I know Bank Negara sell this @ rm10 per set, but at that time I don't know where the hell was Bank Negara HQ in Sabah exactly (now I know ;p). I got this at Amcorp @ rm14, the seller was selling it @ rm15 but discounted rm1 for me. I checked online most of them sell it @ rm20, double the price! whoooaaah! that's why I'm willing to buy this a bit expensive than the Bank Negara issued price.

Coins & Banknotes Album

I bought these at Amcorp Mall ;D

Banknotes plastic album holder @ rm3/piece

Coin flips @ rm12/box (50 flips - 5 sizes) and banknotes plastic @ rm6/50 pieces

I've been searching for the best price of these coins and banknotes album/flips. The cheapest price that I've got is rm12/box (50 flips) for the coin flips and for the banknotes plastic is rm3/piece. The coin flips contained 5 sizes : rm5 (5 pieces), rm1 (10 pieces), 50 cent (15 pieces), 20 cent (12 pieces) and 10 cent (8 pieces).

I'm thinking of buying online BCW brand ( because it is much cheaper compared to the one selling here in Malaysia. 

I already emailed them asking whether they do ship internationally or not and they responded to my email with good news! :D and furthermore, they do include Paypal as one of the payment method, which I prefer among others. So, I'm just waiting for my credit card to settle down a bit then I will buy it for sure.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Late Bloomer?

I just started recently collecting coins (mostly) and banknotes ;D

This was all started when my colleague said that the old version 50 cent (with milled edge) back when we were little is worthy, as in cost higher than the face value. I suddenly remembered that my hubby has his piggy bank... not exactly a piggy bank would look like, it's a 1 litter bottle mineral full with coins, which he told me that he have been saving it 4-5 years back.

When I got home, I told him about it and started to check his piggy bank hoping to find the 50 cent with milled edge. I was so happy when I found one piece of 50 cent 1967 (with milled edge) and we started to google to find the information for the newly found coin. Well, of course it's not exactly like what my hope would be, the most seek 50 cent coin is 1967 (rm500), 1968 (rm1000) and 1969 (rm1500) but WITHOUT the milled edge. Haiya... It's okay, it's not my destiny to find one now :)

But all in all, I'm still happy to find one 50 cent 1967 with milled edge, it seems like it's been too long since the last time I saw this kind of coins. I remembered back then, all the coins was with milled edge, now the current bunga series, it don't have the milled edge anymore.

So, this is the started of my so called new hobby? 

p/s: oh, and my hubby piggy bank is around rm200++, we're going to bank it later